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  商品名稱: VFX Solution Advanced Visual Effects 3 By Allan Mckay 英文發音 僅限電腦播放 DVD9
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VFX Solution Advanced Visual Effects 3 By Allan Mckay 英文發音 僅限電腦播放 DVD9

The much anticipated Advanced Visual Effects series returns with Volume 3, focused on many of 3D Studio Max’s advanced solutions for visual effects for use in both Hollywood feature films and game cinematics.

Taking advantage of many of the latest technologies and utilized to create ground breaking new approaches to visual effects, Allan McKay takes us through over 11 hours of training content on subjects such Fume FX, Krakatoa, Rayfire, Compositing, Advanced FX Rigging, Simulating water, Fracturing, Fire, Maxscripting to build sophisticated production tools and many new dynamics set ups such as used with Pflow Tools Box 2.

in Advanced VFX Vol 3 – We go through how to build many ground breaking effects to popular topics like Tornado’s, Magic, Explosions, Character Effects etc. afterward advancing into the area of building these effects into a more automated pipeline so that we are able to have them dynamically change and adapt to the set ups we give them, allowing our effects to adapt intelligently to what we need. We also write several tools used in actual film production to automate a lot of the painstaking tasks we’re required to do, and then take them a step further to create our film effects for us.