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  商品名稱: Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Suite 17.4.2 硬盤管理器
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Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Suite 17.4.2 硬盤管理器
Hard Disk Manager™Suite-精通技術的用戶的數據安全性和磁盤運行狀況。數據安全性需要注意多個方面。Paragon Hard Disk Manager整合了25年的系統軟件實踐經驗,可確保您的數據健康安全。


下一代分區功能可確保最佳存儲使用。您的內部驅動器可用磁盤空間不足嗎?當您有多個分區來容納不同的系統和數據類型時,通常會出現這種難題。借助Hard Disk Manager,您可以動態調整分區大小以最大化可用存儲容量。借助新增的功能,您還可以取消刪除和合併分區,在內置的十六進制編輯器中編輯和查看扇區,將分區轉換為主分區和邏輯分區。輕鬆執行表面測試以識別分區的壞扇區。

Paragon Recovery Media Builder
Hard Disk Manager帶有完整的Paragon Recovery Media Builder,可以糾正由邏輯錯誤,硬件故障或故障引起的引導問題。如果系統損壞或受到破壞(包括惡意軟件或勒索軟件的原因),您可以快速恢復系統和應用程序的完全可操作性,而數據丟失量最小。










Languages: English | Incl. WinPE Boot Images |

Hard Disk Manager™ Suite - Data safety and disk health for tech-savvy users. Data security requires taking care of several aspects. Paragon Hard Disk Manager consolidates 25 years of hands-on expertise in system software to keep your data healthy and safe.

Data safety and disk health for tech-savvy users
- Organize your disks, ensure capacity and performance of storage media
- Transfer systems on the fly, use physical and virtual appliances at will
- Use professional-grade backup to secure systems, applications and data
- Always stay up and running with boot fix and fail-safe system recovery

Organized and optimized storage
Next-generation partitioning functionality ensures optimal storage use. Your internal drive running low on available disk space? This dilemma often occurs when you have multiple partitions to accommodate different systems and data types. With Hard Disk Manager, you can resize partitions on the fly to maximize available storage capacity. With newly-added features, you also can undelete and merge partitions, edit and view sectors in the built-in hex editor, convert partitions into primary and logical. Easily perform a surface test to identify bad sectors of the partitions.

Paragon Recovery Media Builder
Hard Disk Manager comes with full-fledged Paragon Recovery Media Builder to correct boot problems inflicted by logical errors, hardware malfunctions, or failures. If the system becomes corrupted or compromised — malware or ransomware reasons included — you can quickly restore full operability of system and applications with minimal data loss.

Clean up media
Wipe personal data before disposing of a hard disk. Alternatively, clean unused space only with possibility to restore a deleted file. You know better than neglecting this simple rule.

Restore any file from backup
Restore data from backups, including an entire hard disk or its partitions, separate files or folders. Protect backups with a password. Import any backup to restore in WinPE.

Smart backup strategies for home use
- Full range of backup and recovery solutions
- Reliable recovery of individual files or entire systems
- Restore of OS on new hardware platforms
- Scenario-based backup jobs

Disk Backup
Save not only disk data but also system service structures

Differential Backup
Save backup storage space by archiving only what’s changed since the last full sector-based image

Incremental Backup
Back up modified data along with a full sector-based archive

Flexible Restore (in WinPE)
Restore an entire disk, separate partitions, or only the files you need from previous backup images

Recovery Media
Create a bootable USB Flash drive, CD, or DVD to recover your PC on demand

Easy Recalibration
Restore contents of a 512-byte hard disk to a 4K hard disk with no additional input from your side
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System Requirements:
- Windows 7 SP1
- Windows 8
- Windows 8.1
- Windows 10