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  商品名稱: Individual Software Professor Teaches Excel 2019 v1.0 Excel培訓課程
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Individual Software Professor Teaches Excel 2019 v1.0 Excel培訓課程
教授講授excel 2019是一門由專家開發的計算機培訓課程,旨在幫助您了解excel2019的特點。與其他培訓課程不同,教授授課提供了軟件的真實模擬,因此您可以立即練習和應用所學內容。通過數小時的互動式實踐培訓課程和練習,學習excel 2019。

什麽是Microsoft Excel 2019?

excel 2019是微軟開發的這個流行的電子表格管理程序的最新版本。這個強大的程序允許您以前所未有的方式分析、管理和共享數據。使用分析工具,您可以跟蹤和突出顯示重要的數據趨勢並共享數據。

學習微軟excel 2019有什麽好處?




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Professor Teaches Excel 2019 is a computer training course developed by experts to help you learn the features of Excel 2019. Unlike other training courses, Professor Teaches provides a realistic simulation of the software, so you can practice and apply what you learn right away. Learn Excel 2019 with hours of interactive, hands-on training lessons and exercises.

What Is Microsoft Excel 2019?
Excel 2019 is the latest version of this popular spreadsheet management program developed by Microsoft. This powerful program allows you to analyze, manage and share data in more ways than ever before. With the analysis tools, you can track and highlight important data trends and share data.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Microsoft Excel 2019?
- Discover how to create spreadsheets quickly
- Learn how to analyze data and share information
- Learn how to use critical information to make business decisions

What You Will Learn in Professor Teaches Excel 2019?
Our extensive computer training course will cover the following topics:

- Learn How to sort and filter
- Learn How to use spreadsheet formatting
- Learn How to create charts
- Learn How to enter formulas
- Learn How to create workbooks
- Learn How to change cell alignment

Every Professor Teaches Course Includes:
- Practice in a Realistic Simulation of the Software
- Hundreds of Learning Topics
- 4 to 8 Hours of Training per Course
- Realistic Simulations
- Beginner to Advanced Topics
- Self-Paced Learning Objectives
- Introductions and Summaries
- Interactive Exercises
- Professional Voice Narration
- End-of-Chapter Quiz Questions
- Checkmarks for Completed Topics
- Glossary, Index, and Search
- Professor Answers for Instant Training
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System Requirements:
Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or XP • Average 450 MB Hard Drive space available per application • 1280 x 768, 16-Bit Color Display Recommended • Sound card • Mouse • Speakers or headphones